How to answer long questions: Waec Exam Tip

Useful waec exam tips include how to answer long questions. Read the question Read the question again but this time you underline or note down the keywords. Check to see if you need to add/subtract/multiply or divide. Work it out (Show your working !) Check to see if your answer makes sense.

How to write a formal letter

Here is how to write a formal letter: 35 Campbell Street Freetown Sierra Leone 31st May, 2015 The Manager Brookfields Hotel Brookfields Freetown Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing ……   Yours faithfully,   Adama Bangura   Endings: Use Yours faithfully —— with Dear Sir/Madam. Use Yours sincerely ——- with Dear Mr./Mrs.

Emergency Waec Maths and English Revision

We all know the score; for one reason or another we put off revising until the very last minute.  Slowly, we start panicking, have problems sleeping as the impending Waec, Neco, Jamb exams come charging at us.   Now, regret kicks in; why did I not start revising earlier, we say to ourselves.    Help is at… Read More »