Emergency Waec Maths and English Revision

We all know the score; for one reason or another we put off revising until the very last minute.  Slowly, we start panicking, have problems sleeping as the impending Waec, Neco, Jamb exams come charging at us.   Now, regret kicks in; why did I not start revising earlier, we say to ourselves.    Help is at… Read More »

How to pass waec examination

Here is a brief overview of the marks you need to pass your Waec examination: Grade Description Marks A1 Excellent 90 – 100 B2 Very Good 75 – 79 B3 Good 70 – 74 C4 Credit 65 – 69 C5 Credit 55 – 64 C6 Credit 50 – 54

How to pass waec maths using video

This article will show you how to pass Waec maths using video.  Video worked examples are important tools in your battle with Waec maths (or WASSCE maths).  If you are struggling to understand how to solve a particular problem, then a 3 minute video taking you through the steps of a possible solution might be… Read More »